Publishing a book? Start here!

Publishing a book? Start here!

Writing and publishing a book is not as difficult as it may seem. All the facilities are there at hand to realize all your book publishing dreams. If you have that novel in your head or hidden underneath your bed in manuscript format gathering dust then reclaim it and get it out to the world in the shape of a book; paperback or hardback; doesn’t matter, get it finished: get it published


Publishing Process Overview

CLM Publishing has a standard process for reviewing, approving and publishing books. The journey from idea to published book begins with a formal book proposal. After CLM Publishing accepts a book proposal, it issues a publishing contract and a manuscript delivery date, which is agreed upon by CLM Publishing and the Author. After the author delivers the final manuscript, CLM Publishing assigns an editor to edit the book. When editing is completed, a team of talented designers, graphic artists, and proofreaders work to turn an edited manuscript into a published book. The following describes our book publishing process in detail:

Step One: The Proposal

Before a publisher/author relationship can form, a proposal is presented, which describes and outlines the main ideas of the proposed book and the author’s feedback as to why the author thinks the marketplace needs the book. The book proposal also includes a comprehensive table of contents, a formal introduction, and a completed first chapter.

Step Two: Proposal Evaluation

You are interested in presenting a book idea for consideration, here are some steps for evaluating book proposals.

  1. Mail or email your manuscript to the acquisition’s editor.
  2. The acquisition’s editor reviews the book proposal and assesses its appropriateness for CLM Publishing audience.
  3. If the editor considers the book to be appropriate, the editor will work with the author to refine and more directly target the proposal if needed.
  4. The acquisition’s editor presents the completed proposal to an internal committee and makes the case for pursuing the book idea.
  5. If an agreement is reached, the acquisition’s editor sends the proposal to CLM Publishing for comment on the proposal.
  6. If a positive report has been reached, the acquisition’s editor will ask the author to address any suggested changes to the proposal and submit a final book proposal.
  7. Upon acceptance of this final book proposal, the acquisition’s editor will contract with the author to write the book.

Your published book!

Getting your book published is exciting, especially for new authors. Once the book is published, you have a new marketing role to play in partnership with CLM Publishing.

The following tips will help ensure good sales of your book:

  • Plan to speak at professional conferences that occur around the publication date of your book.
  • Getting a high-profile speaking engagement can really boost the sales of your book. You may need to plan in advance for this. Many of these conferences require presentation proposals to be submitted sometime before the actual conference takes place.
  • Work with CLM Publishing to send review copies of your book to key industry magazines and other publications. Even if these publications do not review books, your subject matter may be the basis for a scheduled article, and a quote from the book or mentioned of a book title helps to drive sales.
  • Send your book to selected industry thought leaders, especially if you know these individuals personally. A recommendation from respected leaders will also help sales for your book.

The Hidden Hazards of Self

If you are taking the first steps in planning your publishing journey, congratulations! Publishing a book should be a rewarding experience.

Like others on this journey, you may find yourself swimming in confusing terms with a magnitude of approaches to publishing from many different resources. You’re not alone — the “self-publishing” industry is rife with ambiguous claims, questionable practices, and outright thieves posing as reputable options. You can’t start a journey without a destination in mind. When heading into uncharted territory, it’s helpful to have a guide that will steer you clear of dangers and educate you along the way.

CLM Publishing exists to provide Christian authors with a trustworthy team to help them successfully navigate their publishing dreams.

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