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CLM Publishing

Confident happy young African American business woman smilingMost of us have either had the thought or even the ambition to have a book published. Why not let us guide you through to realizing your book-publishing dream?

If you have any aspirations at all to be a published author, you really cannot call yourself an author until you have that book printed and on a shelf; it’s as simple as that. Your friends and family will never again ask you when that book is going to be available. Let us make that dream come through. Let us put an end to those vocals and help you get your lyrics into a book.

Get started now! then you’ll know how this great writing journey works. Our plan works for all types of authors; first-timers and previous writers. So, what are you waiting for? Send us your manuscript now. Make contact now!Signing up couldn’t be easier or safer. Send or request information at

We do require new clients to sign up before we can review manuscript. This is only to save us from being bombarded with email manuscripts with little or no value… believe us, it happens, most unfortunately.

Naturally, all correspondence and details are kept strictly private and we do not- under any circumstance- give out any hint of your information. All data is stored purely for our business dealings and you can opt-out any given time.

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